This week was quite funny. I don’t even know what happened.

So. I loathe winter. With every fiber of my being. Heavenly Father probably sent me here to humble the snot out of me. Literally. (haha just kidding – that’s gross)  But every time I start to feel agitated about the continued ice and temperatures I just remember that the elders are on bikes and that the pioneers had nothing. If the pioneers can go across the plains for Zion in such weather, then I can be in the cold for such a cause as this. I’m pretty sure everyone in this city is about to explode with cabin fever. Though there are many active people all the time, running and such around the frozen lakes. They all keep saying this is the worst winter in like decades. 


The Minnesota Mormon Chorale put on a concert at our church building this weekend!! It was beautiful. We went to it with some great ward members and LYNN! It was so awesome to hear her describe what the spirit felt like. That music was so powerful. They had a youth choir too that had a very nice spirit. We’re working on her coming to church – it will be great! 

Sad to say, Tanneh and Joshua’s lives are like a soap opera. They completely broke up this week. Crazy stuff. They’re still willing to meet with us – just separately. We’re having a hard time getting a hold of them but all will be well. We had a really hopeful lesson with Tanneh before all of that went down – she has a sincere testimony. 

We’ve been spending a lot of time with Sister Fisher this week – she’s an old, ill lady in the ward. We cleaned out her apartment. She almost accidentally throughout a box of all these old black and white photos! Luckily we saved them in time. Doing stuff like that is fun. 
We had zone training this week with President Ehlert! He is great. He’s more of the Holland type while President Clements is more of the Eyring variety. Both are wonderful – they’re just different. We got lot’s of great ideas especially about asking inspired questions!! It was awesome. Then after we met with all the Sisters in the zone and talked about creative things we can do in our wards. They encouraged us to get to know all the sisters and see what talents and skills they have that they can contribute. Many sisters don’t have the schedule to come out joint teaching with us – but can do other things like make a meal or write a letter. Some women in the ward have been very helpful with fellow shipping and being a great example to us and our investigators. 

I decided to start keeping a journal of the things I’m learning. Sometimes it’s easy to feel like we’re working so hard but nothing is really happening. By keeping this journal I hope to see that things really are happening! Even if it’s just things that I need to learn. From things like – “don’t leave anything (chapstick, water bottles, scriptures) in the car overnight or the next day it will be completely frozen” to what I learn from our investigators, members, and Sister Jenson about life. I’m excited. 

In other news – we got rear-ended this week. May I strongly suggest that everyone get a bike rack for their cars! Ours totally saved our bumper! A guy slid into us at a stop sign. Everyone was fine – it’s just slippery everywhere. 
It’s the funniest thing – I was having quite a rough time yesterday (I learned that I’m not supposed to fast with the medication I’m on…oops). And guess who we got a call from?? Sister Clements!!!!! All the way in Utah or wherever they are!! I’m pretty sure she has a radar for when I have bad days because that’s not the first time that’s happened. Talk about following promptings. That was pure affirmation that Heavenly Father really does care about me. And has a purpose for me to live in this frozen land.  She talked about how things don’t always go the way we want them to but we need to keep believing and trust in the Lord. Always. Despite the “interruptions.” That’s what she described her current situation as – just an interruption from which something good will come.  She related it to Mary and Joseph. In the beginning they probably thought they would get married and have a nice little family and live out their days in Bethlehem. But God had a bigger plan for them – even if at times it was more difficult. So it with us too. He answers prayers and He’s got a plan. This I know. 

I hope you all are doing well! Sounds busy and fun. Dad teaching kindergarten? What? Haha, whatever makes you guys happy I guess. 

Have a lovely week! 
Love, Kathryn

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