It’s Loppet-season!

Dear Familia, 

Greetings (still) from Cedar Lake! Guess what! Sister Jenson and I are staying here together for another transfer!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just found out this morn. I’m glad we’re both staying – we got a lot of work to do! 

Funny you should mention ice fishing on frozen lakes! That’s what people do here. And if the sun is out and it’s over 10 degrees people cross-country ski. Like everywhere. Like on sidewalks. There was a big Loppet this week. Wondering what a loppet is? It’s a big cross-country race that takes place on frozen lake Calhoun. Behold, the joys of Minnesota. 

Rough goings for Tanneh and Joshua this week! Crazy stuff. Currently Tanneh is a lot more committed than Joshua is and there has been a lot of contention between them. But worry not! And pray hard! They’ll be fine! We need to have the members be really involved with them and get them to keep keeping commandments. Or start keeping them. 

President Clements in his email today talked about being happy through adversity by continually keeping the commandments. He’s a wise man. Elder Holland toured this mission (before I got here sadly..) and Pres talked about a blessing he received from Elder Holland (can you imagine..?) about being happy even through hard times. I thought that was super neat! Being happy isn’t the absence of trials or problems. It’s keeping faith and keeping the commandments despite anything!

We had a really neat lesson with a lady named Amber this week. She’s been taught on and off in the past but it hasn’t really clicked for her and she hasn’t had the best of examples of LDS people in her life. We taught her the plan of salvation and the WHY of everything. For some reason it was so neat! We really connected with her and it was good. It’s always up to them to act on their faith and see if they will continue. 

Oh! Here’s something neat! Mike came to church!!! I don’t think I mentioned mike, yet. He has a collection of hats and shoes lining the walls of his apartment. He may or may not have been intoxicated the first time we met/taught him but we returned and had a good lesson with him! And he came to church!! I love this ward! We probably had the most interesting testimony meeting ever yesterday. Two investigators of the elders’ bore their testimonies, Cameron and Joe. Cameron basically had a written list of what he did and did not understand about the church, but it was pretty cool because he basically rebuked all the members for not inviting more people to church. He said “aren’t YOU grateful to be sitting here? Invite people!” This coming from a non-member. Then Joe shared about addictions and overcoming them through a “higher power.” I love this ward. It is made up of the most random people but I love them all. Our stake president and Pres Ehlert from the mission presidency were there too and they bore powerful testimonies. And Mike liked it! He also is interested in the playing church ball! We’re seeing him again on wednesday. 

An exciting event coming up: the 17 year celebration of the birth of my favorite brother BENJAMIN CLARK!!!!!!! I’m sending you the neatest things in the mail! I’ve been inspired by Sister Jenson – she’s very good at package sending. 

Good news! Today I’m getting my haircut! We’re probably going to go chill with Sis Yorgason. Maybe walk on a frozen lake or something too! 

Hope you all are well! Sounds like good things are happening! 
Love you! Love, Sis Gessel 

I thought I would take a picture of what life here actually looks like! This is
up in North Minneapolis.

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