“In the midst of winter I found within myself an invincible summer.”

That’s for you, Dad. 

Crazy things this week! Our entire thursday was swallowed up in a blizzard. Minnesnowta. It’s ok, summer someday. 

Oh – want to hear something crazy? So something happened in the lives of Pres and Sister Clements and they had to go home for a few weeks!! President Ehlert is now our temporary mission president. Interesting eh? He sends out a lot of punny scripture texts and we haven’t been allowed to go outside too much because of the windchill and road conditions. 

Here’s a neat story: so getting back in with Tanneh and Joshua this week was a bit rough. It was like make it or break it. Joshua has been working like crazy. We stopped by on friday afternoon hoping to catch Tanneh and Joshua was there too!! They explained to us about how Joshua had lost the keys to their car and they had spent an hour or two in the snow looking for them. We gave a quick lesson and just caught up with them.  We asked Joshua if he would pray fervently to find the keys before it go too dark or cold out. He said a great prayer and then we went out in search of the keys! After about two minutes Sister Jenson found them and we all rejoiced! From the window Tanneh called down “you girls are awesome – I’m never canceling a lesson again!” We should’ve gotten that in writing now that I think about it. I’m sooo glad Heavenly Father took a simple moment like that and turned it into a teaching experience for them. And us too! We’d been praying for how to approach their whole situation and it all worked out! We’ve decided that the elders are going to teach Joshua with a man ward member once a week, while we teach Tanneh with a ward sister once a week, and then teach them all together once a week. Stratagem. And they came to church!!! Good. We’re also still trying to get a Book of Mormon in haitian creole for Joshua. Exciting stuff!  

A big emphasis in our lives right now is still searching out all the inactives and less-actives. It’s pretty neat because we get to find around them and such. It’s interesting to find these people and try to understand their stories and what they’re running from. We’ve got a list of like 20 names per week to go out and find. The ward missionaries try to find them on facebook and email. Missionary work prepares people to be detectives I’m fairly certain. 

I almost forgot! I went on exchanges with Sister Schwartz again this week! I love her! She came here to Cedar Lake.  We took Hannah out and found some new people! I realize how much I rely on Sister Jenson – especially making sure all our phone calls get made and such. I need to get better at the phone. Seems funny but true. Hahahaah – memories of me walking home from the train station in the summer are coming back to me because of my apathy towards my phone. Ah well. Life skills, so they say. 

Our district leader is super pumped about this upcoming week. It’s been building up all month – this is the week we are going to find like a billion new people. We’re really excited too! Things are looking up! 
Thanks for telling me all the news from home! Sounds like good things are happening! It’s fun to hear about! That’s awesome Dawson Hollow is going to have a baptism!! Do we have elders in the ward? Or elders in the stake? Or sisters??????? The work is hastening EVERYWHERE! 

Every other day we go to the Yorgason’s gym and read the Ensign on the treadmill. It’s funny but it gets us super pumped! 

Have a good week everybody!! Love you!

Love, Sister Gessel

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