Dearest everyone,

OH MY —– BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marissa Meline??????????????????????? Baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just freaked out in a public library upon reading that!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!!!! I am so happy for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That gives me hope for everything and everyone! How wonderful!! I’d love to hear more about her experiences!! Was she being taught by missionaries in Layton? Do we have sisters at home???

MORE GOOD NEWS: The wedding (and baptism) is on!!!! Tanneh and Joshua are for real getting married on Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!! Bishop is marrying them in the church and we are psyched! Tanneh has truly become humble and submissive and it’s been beautiful to see. Instead of having her dreams of a worldly wedding with fancy stuff and a flashy ring she realizes that what it important is her love for the Lord, for Joshua, and for their family. This is a big deal for her. A lot of her family is still in Africa and Joshua’s in Haiti – so this decision has been pretty emotional. They are faithful. I wish you could know her! She is the funniest person in the world. Joshua is great and has been faithful with his word of wisdom commitment. They are building an eternal family! And finally they all came to church together yesterday!! 

What more can be said? True love exists, everybody! 

This ward is getting pumped! People are realizing ways that they can serve – something as simple as giving our investigators an encouraging phone call or having them over for lunch. We had lunch with Katherine at SIs Yorgason’s this week – she opened up to us and it was really neat! 

There’s a less-active lady in our ward, Shannon, (she’s sooo cool!) who is a personal trainer – we got in with her this week and she revolutionized our lives. She says she likes to watch people change. That’s what we get to do as missionaries too – watch people change! From the very core. And being healthy is fun! 

Ben, you’d be happy to know we spent your birthday evening teaching our gangsta Mike in McDonald’s. It’s neat how even a place like that can be filled with the spirit when speaking of truth! He is open-hearted. How is it being SEVENTEEN? Sis Jenson’s sister turned 17 on the 8th! (you should be friends)

Sister Jenson is awesome! We were having a rough day, and I voiced randomly how much I desperately wanted a bagel. Then at lunch time she went way out of our way to find a shop that had bagels. Isn’t that super nice? 

We’ve been doing a lot of record-cleaning. This area is super transient and so there are sooo many people on our ward list that no one has any clue of who they are. Between us, the elders, ward missionaries, and Bishop, we have lot’s of ground to cover. But it’s exciting! And we get to find around them so it’s good!  Some lost-sheep wrangling. Soul-reaping. 

We ate pancakes last night with the elders quorum. Awesome people! 
Things are well! 
Anyway – I hope you all are great! Sounds like good happenings are abound at home! 

Love you all ! Love, kattyyyy

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