Dear Everybody

How’s it going? Welcome home from Hawaii. What up in the hood?

(you guys should ask me that – as I am actually in the hood)
This week was great! Happy Martin Luther King Day! The library is closed so we’re at Sis Speroni’s house. She’s showing us pics of her recent travels to Germany.
I don’t even know where to begin! Good things happened!
Went on exchanges with Sis Smaellie this week! It was great – I didn’t get as lost as last time. We tried to find some new people downtown. 
Tanneh came to church!!!!!!! I have such a testimony of revelation through church attendance! It was awesome!! A high council man spoke and answered a lot of her concerns about the Book of Mormon! It was great! And she basically fellowshipped herself – everyone loves her! It’s great! Someday we’ll get both Tanneh AND Joshua there at the same time! She spoke in relief society about how when she was being taught by the elders over the summer they laid out a blueprint for her life, and now with us, the house is being built! How neat is that? Love it! Gospel principles class is my favorite part of church. The man who teaches it tells us of his previous addict/homeless life and how much he has changed. Everyone has such different perspectives there. The lesson was on charity! 
Alex and Nora are doing well! On exchanges with Sis Smaellie this week we taught them the Plan of Salvation and drew pictures of each stage. It was super fun! The commitments we leave them are like memorizing articles and faith and stuff. Teaching kids! We ate dinner with them last night and they are opening up to us more and more. 
We visited an old lady in our ward a few times this week delivering food from the Relief Society. She is super nice and has crazy stories!
There’s an old man named Renner in our ward who is going through chemo right now despite his very fragile condition. We visited him and he was reading the Book of Mormon. He told us about when the missionaries came to him – super neat. We had a tender prayer with him – probably one of my favorite moments. 
Last night we went to a mission president’s fireside!!!!! Best thing ever!! Our investigator, Katherine, came! Four very recent converts spoke (one of them had been confirmed that very day) Their testimonies were so powerful and real. It was glorious! One man spoke about his road to conversion began when his drug-addict son’s life turned around completely when he joined the church. He said that only the power of God could make such a powerful change in his son. Katherine could really relate to that and it was awesome! Another guy spoke of how he referred himself on because he wanted to know more from the very source – every missionary’s dream! 
One of the neatest parts was when Sis Clements was speaking she called all of us missionaries up on the stand (there were a lot of us present) and had us sing impromptu “We’ll Bring the World His Truth.” It was amazing! Such a beautiful moment to be caught in the middle of. Every person there felt the spirit. Undeniable. 
I feel so at home at church. There’s no other way I could leave home and family and friends without being so surrounded by the gospel. The gospel is home. No matter where I go I’ll always be able to find a member of the church willing to help. It’s amazing, it’s true, it’s real. 
Sister Clements shared the words of this song at the fireside and it was so neat! I thought I’d share the words – they’re very ponderable:
  1. My life is a gift; my life has a plan.
    My life has a purpose; in heav’n it began.
    My choice was to come to this lovely home on earth
    And seek for God’s light to direct me from birth.
    I will follow God’s plan for me,
    Holding fast to his word and his love.
    I will work, and I will pray;
    I will always walk in his way.
    Then I will be happy on earth
    And in my home above.
Good right?
This week we also had a very inspiring zone training from the zone leaders and President Clements! Lot’s of Pres + Sis Clements time this week! We talked about prayer and is was eye-opening! I had an interview with Pres and he said that my health and things will get better! Yay! I also got to see my bff’s Sis Shurtz and Sis Terry! Love these people! 
Good week! 
I love you all! I’m glad you had a good time in Hawaii! 
PEACE – sister Gessel ! 

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