almost 2014 !

Greetings! I haven’t much time today, but I will tell you some good highlights:
– CHRISTMAS what fun!! Yes, Bishop Nielson and his fmaily are greeeat. We spent time with them and they told us of their lives. Talking with all of you was great!! So fun! I’m glad you all exist and are doing well!
-SIster Jenson’s Birthday was the 28th!! We had the funniest birthday dinner with the funniest old ladies! They all love her — I’ll have to send a pic. Twas a funny day.
-Good things happening with Joshua and Tanneh!! Baptism date: feb 8!! YAY! All they need to do is get married, and quit smoking, and drinking, and…   It’ll be good!! THis is their time!!
-Spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday. Our ward consisted of about 15 people in the beginning. Funny things! We all spoke of goal setting and the new year – it’s going to be good.
-Glad to hear you are well! Bowling on the 26 tradtition was good? NIce. Duck dynasty, mathcing pants, missy, – man good stuff.
-Currently I’m on exchanges with Sis Shcwartz here in Cedar Lake. Good thing I know my are so well… not. It’s ok – learning experience am I right?
-We got some people to find!!!!!!!!!! Work to do.
Good things to come.
I love you all – Thanks for everything!
Love, sister gessel

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