Greetings from Cedar Lake, Minnesota! How is everyone??? Merry Christmas! JOY, etc! Thanks for the love. Michelle — I did receive your package! I thank you for it!!!!! (sidenote – Ma, I never got that package you spoke of… perhaps you can track it?) 

 OK so GET THIS — apparently Cedar Lake = Downtown Minneapolis!! Kid you not! We actually like in St. Louis Park, but our area covers a good chunk of Minneapolis and all of the downtown!! Super neat!! It’s a totally different game then Cottage Grove. (Hard to say goodbye to MaryKay and Bro Black And Sis Breedlove – but it’s good! I’ll be friends with them forever) There are kind of suburbs, but mostly apartments and homeless people and hipsters and such! It’s really exciting – I like it. We’ve got  LOTS of work to do. This ward is pretty small – mainly consisting of young couples doing internships and lots of less-actives. People move in and out all the time. We don’t really have any investigators currently but we’ve got some potentials and are trying to pick up some former investigators. We’ve been visiting less-actives in care facilites and hospitals quite a bit. We live in an apartment and it’s nice to have our own space! We have a tree too! 

Oh by the way – my new comp, Sister Jenson, is awesome! She is very grounded ( that’s the best word I can think of) and sweet, she’s been in this area since July so she knows it well and such. She’s from California. The pace seems much slower and very different but good. We got some people to find! 

We’re teaching some former investigators named Joshua and Tanneh. They’re awesome! Funniest African family ever. They said they miss the elders who used to come by and we’re trying to get them to church again! Very fun! 

We met with a Jehovah’s witness who is trying to convert us. The Church is true. The end. I LOVE THE GOSPEL. 

Christmas! This place honestly looks like a christmas card – tree-lined streets and snow. We’re hoping to find some lonely people and make their Christmas joyful! They’re out there – we just need to find them! 

Yes! I’ll call on Christmas! Likely sometime in the afternoon – I think we’re going to the Bishops house. Today we’re making cookies or something to give to our people – lots of stop-bys. Maybe some caroling too! The objective is to spread as much cheer as we can!!! Are you going caroling? How was the Gessel Family Christmas Party?

Hey – good idea – watch the Christmas mormon messsages!! Bible videos too. They’re awesome! I love Christmas. ANd forgiveness and repentance and being better. And the gospel! It’s everything everyone is searching for. 

My favorite thing to ponder about it the experience of the shepherds – they were just chilling in their fields and an angel comes to them and gives them the best news in the world. I’ve got a lot of reading to do tonight to read the BoM by Christmas – I’m in Ether!  

Lucky you guys – you get to talk to me in like 2 days! hahah.  Excited!  Love you! ‘Happy Christmas Harry’ to all! 

Love, Sister Gessel ! 

P.S. look up silent night by Jenny oaks baker – violin, and celtic singing, and children!



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