How goes it? What up? We are doing well! I feel like things are picking up. I know people now and more of how to get places. OH! Guess what?? I can drive now!!!! I’m still being trained but I have the priviledge of driving! Best thing ever! Like, I may send a picture of it! It’s soo good! I feared that I would’ve forgotten how to drive. But worry not, apparently that’s not a thing. It’s like riding a bike.  
We have many things coming up. This transfer is shorter than most (they changed it so we won’t have to be transferred on Christmas day) 5 weeks. Lot’s of exchanges are about to happen. It should be fun! We learned many things this week. We need to sacrifice more. Consciously sacrificing our desires, and wills, and any streak of disobedience. Basically – all of us. Sounds exciting does it not?? It’s hard to give everything – but one step at a time I suppose.  
Ask me how much I love the Cottage Grove Ward: SO MUCH. I LOVE IT. THese people! Last week was the Primary Program. It was seriosuly the Primary Program of Primary Programs. Everyone was crying the whole time. There’s a little girl, like 10, who has overcome cancer this last year and she sang “A child’s prayer,” with her older sister. Breathtaking. It was ridiculous. I have never appreciated church so much before. Or anything for that matter. We had our own song experience this week: we sang “I am a Child of God” to a 92 year old man named Henry! Sweetest thing in the world! When he joins his wife in Heaven someday, that song will be playing and he’ll remember that he’s heard it before.
Our weeks seem to have themes. Like we had one week where all we talked about was the law of chastity. This week was our “YOu’re a child of God” week. Divine Nature. We musn’t forget who we are. Like Carol M Stephens from conference spoke of: Do we KNOW what we have? Do we KNOW who we are? We’re children of God. For real. If you have a chance read the talk “Charity never Faileth” by Pres Monson – 2010, relief society. We’ve been reading that to people. The story is great!
Cool lesson with Dan – we brought the parents of the girl who has overcome cancer. THey are so nice and funny. And half- ukranain and strong. They testified of the Book of Mormon! It’s HOW you read it that will change your very nature. Read it like it will change your life – and it will. Read it like it’s a history or a cool story and that’s all it will ever be. We gotta read it prayerfully, truly seeking! It’s a life-changer. I love it. I hope Dan feels the same way, you could see he was feeling the spirit and hopefully has a greater resolve to study and understand.
Joanna is doing alright. She has a lot of faith but doesn’t often keep commitments and is tricky to get a hold of. We need to have some bold moments with some members this week!
We also did some more service! With John! Sister Breedlove and I must be destined to become home-builders or something. The skills we’ve acquired! Carpet ripping, sanding, floorboards. Service softens people’s hearts. Everytime we leave we say “Thanks for letting us help, John!” And he just laughs in disbelief. We brought some of the elders too. We were able to help Sister Hollie, our less active, as well. She is awesome. She has a testimony and is a hippie and is trying to redo her whole house by herself. She just has to come to church!
Being a missionary is funny. At times it’s really stressful especially when we’re not using or time wisely or didn’t plan super well. But mostly – it’s awsome! These experiences would not come in any other situation. I’m grateful for this chance to be a missionary! To have Sister Breedlove, to have the scriptures, to have the big sky, everything. Minnesota is also funny. Such people.
How’s home? Are y’all excited for thanksgiving?? I don’t know how that day is really going to work, but we’re going over to the Gutweins for thanksgiving! They are an awesome family that Sis Breedlove taught before I was here. excited!
I love you !
Love, Sister Gessel

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