Thanksgiving and what not!

Thanks for the email Dad! Fun to hear of things happening!
This week was so great! Lot’s of ups and downs but some real good progression. Yep, things are getting colder but whatev. 
I have much to be grateful for! Our p-day is getting moved to Thanksgiving but we’re allowed to email for a moment today.
Some sad news – our progressing investigator Joanna randomly up and moved! Without telling… anyone. So looks like her wedding and baptism are currently called off. We got a hold of her for a second, she’s in St. Paul but we’re not really sure of the situation. I have faith in her faith though, she’s got a testimony and she needs the gospel. We’ll send missionaries her way!
We went to a relief society activity this past weekend. I taught a group of women how to knit. Are you laughing right now? Knitting is a skill!! I have now found the reason I was called to CG, Minnesota! For that very purpose. I kid. That would be a silly reason.
But a good reason is because of Audrey! Did I tell you of her? She’s the sweetest grandma like lady ever. She has such faith in Christ and is willing to do what he would have her do. It’s exciting. She’s so CLOSE. We gotta step up our game and get her to church, involve her with members, etc.
We went to the temple again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can go once a transfer. Sister Sandberg took us – she is a marvelous lady. A true light-chaser indeed. I did not want to leave the temple. The moring before I read a letter I got from Aunt Linda about family history work – neatest story, Really pumped me up about family history! “Blessed are the indexers…”  hahah.
BEST PART OF THIS WEEK: So we were at church am I right? Welcoming people and making copies of things, and we were about to go sit down when WHO should walk in ???? TODD !!!!!! That one miracle man!! And his wife! And their two children!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! We were NOT exprecting that. Miracles indeed! They are amazing. They only stayed for one hour but we’re going over their this week! Todd called us last night to ask us for a number of someone he met as church! He’s just progressing without us! THIS is the Lord’s work everybody. We just… pray a lot and plan things. This is His work and He will accomplish it.
Our teaching pool is good – we just gotta make things happen!! Keep up with all these new people! We are blessed beyond deserving right now. I have learned that Heavenly Father loves His children. He wants them to return to Him!
Thanksgiving is great! Thank you for everything! I love you all!
lOVE, kathryn

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