Dear Family!
So mnay things happened this week!! We just found out transfers! I’m staying! Yay! We got a call from the assistants last night that gave us a heart attack – but they were just wondering about a recent convert. This means I will be in Cottage Grove with SIster Breedlove until at least   Christmas! I’m glad – we have lots of work to do! Our district is shuffled around unexpectedly though – interesting changes but we are excited!
How are all of you?? I received a letter from Moo, I shall write back! What are y’all up to? Hey – here’s a nice fact – we ate with The Sandberg family in our ward this week and discovered that Karl Sandberg in Leo Jacob’s nephew! Small world.
On tuesday we had a Mission Conference!!! ELder Carlos A. Godoy of the seventy came and spoke! He is a great example of faith, love, energy, and enthusiam. And commitment. He told us of his conversion story as a 16 year old in Brazil. I tried to imagine you, Dad, as a missionary in Brazil!! How neat! I’d love to hear more of that someday. Who was your favorite person you taught Dad?
We learned many things from him! He is a great humble man. He told us how important our missions are prep for the rest of our lives. When his daughter got engaged he called his future son-in-law’s mission president to see what kind of missionary he was. Isn’t that funny? It’s a pretty good idea – how we are here – or how we become here, determines lot’s of things. He also made me appreciate President and SIster Clements so much more! We are called to our specific missions for many reasons – and a major one is becuase of our mission president! We need to learn from them.
Our investigators are doing pretty well! Joanna’s wedding had been pushed back – so her baptismal date is now december 7. Her faith is so strong though her situation is complicated. People amaze me. Such faith! No we jsut gotta teach her fiance Jarell!
Dan is doing awesome! We’re just waiting until he gets on unsupervised probation so he can come to church! We had a neat lesson with him and the Hales family. THey were awesome! Us missionaries can teach lessons, but it’s the members who bring in the spirit with personal examples of living the gospel! Brother Hales made him understand what the spirit feels lilke and how to follow it. It was great! We learn new things all the time.
Another cool thing – remember that guy Todd I spoke of once? With the gun? We were so excited about him but then he sort of dropped off the face of the earth. BUT we decided to try one more time. We knocked and he let us right in and we were able to teach his wife the restoration too!!! It was awesome! People feel the spirit and wonder what it is – and want more of it! It’s up to kids like us to give them opportunities to feel God’s love for them.
Have I told you about Mariah? She is an interesting one. She’s a 15-year old lesbian girl – she looks like Justin Bieber actually. Anyway – we lOVE her. Her Father is a recent convert and her mom passed away when she was little. We have a really neat pamphlet about htings of that nature called “God loveth His Children.” It is the sweetest thing. Everyone should read it. It’s about over coming yourself, self-mastery, and KNOWING with surety that Heavenly Father really loves all his children. No matter what. He loves you. Do we believe that?
I believe that. A lady in the ward gave me knitting needles this week! And people are so nice. We went to Culver’s this week!! Funny am I right? THe reason I bring this up is beacuse we had a conversation with someone who works there that was very impressionable. He was sooo nice! And happy! Chipper! After we left we wanted to go back and talk to him more! That’s how people need to feel about us! As President Clements says we need to let people “see our joy!” And leave them with feelings of exquisite wonder and curiousity. I love these people. President is pretty strict in many regards because he wants to push us to our limit – he knows of our potential. This is what he said in his email this week:
“We live or die with the Book of Mormon. It’s where we make our stand. It’s where I’m most comfortable defending the faith.”
We’re excited to work HARD this week! And strengthen our faith.
Love you!!! Sister Gessel

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