Goodbye Cottage Grove!

Here’s the big news!! I AM getting transferred. I don’t know how to feel about it. I’m excited, glad that Sis Breedlove will be in CG for more time, but sad to not be here with all these beloved people for Christmas! It doesn’t really matter though. I’m heading to Cedar Lake! I don’t know where that is – but I’m pretty sure it’s still part of the cities. My companion will be Sister Jensen – I’ve never met her but SIs Breedlove has good things to say of her. Exciting, right? I must remember all these CG people. I will miss them but we’ll be friends forever so it’s fine. Sister Breedlove is training again. This time a sister from Taiwan!
This week was quite a week!! 2 exchanges, we moved into the Beckstead’s, Christmas training, and tlaking to you! It’s just been dramatic! Amongst some good miracles! Mission life. Yolo. Stuff like that. Dad guess what? At Christmas training we watched the movie Miracle. The hockey one. Very fitting for Minnesota and very inspiring! It was funny.
Some of the best moments of the week was singing Christmas songs to a 94 year old lady in a rest home. As well as being with other sisters on exchagnes. We met and taught a boy who is friends with the bishop’s son! I got to see my friend Sister Terry at a christmas choir concert last night! Soooo many missionaries were there with their investigators. THis is such an exciting time to be a missionary! The Lord is hastening His work! Also, the snow here is beautiful. the snowflakes are so big you can see the patterns in all of them! It is so pretty!
Mom! Thanks for being a missionary at home! That is so awesome!! I thought of something you could do possibly. Offer to make christmas cookies or something for the Elder’s investigators? I bet they would love that! I wish someone would do thta for us! We want to give them something but we don’t really have time to make things. It’s just an idea. Good one with the Medlock’s! Dad, it’s fun to hear a bit about your mission – I forgot you survived a North American midwest winter too! And You got transferred just before Christmas too! What fun!
Thank you all for your belief in me. I truly appreciate your love and concern. You needn’t worry, but I thank you for everything. I’m going to serve the mission that the Lord intended met to serve. Ginger Christensen emailed me! She is great.  
I love you all! Glad you got to go to the Motab concert! I’ll let you know of plans to call and such! HAppy Christmas!
Love, Sister Gessel

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