Everything is awesome!

Dear Family,
I’ve not heard from you this week, but I assume all is well! Maybe you’re at Bear Lake or something crazy? Wait, no, grandma and grandpa are in town? I think of them often. (As a sidenote – HAPPY BIRTHDAY GMA GESSEL! She would’ve been 89 ? neat! ) Tell me of your thanksgiving!! Ours was real neat. We spent most of the pday/thanksgiving at the Gutweins home! They are recent converts and sooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Sis Breedlove taught them over the summer. I’m learning so much about families. I should probably take notes from all these people! It also makes me realize what an incredible family I have! I love you all though I wasn’t always the best at showing it.
This week was funny. Lot’s of good things happened, but it was pretty brutal as far as numbers go. Ah well! I learned much!
Ben – I was reading in Alma today (alma 47-48 i think?) when he is describing Moroni and what it means to be a “man of God.” My dearest wish (for real) is for you to become a man of God. Look at all the men of God we already know! Like Dad, or Bishop Simmons, or countless examples in the scriptures! And all the prophets, etc. How about I work on being a woman of God and you work on being a man of God as described there? It’s the neatest thing. Go read it yoself.
Fave things of week:
-Exchanges with Hermana Palmer in Redwing! More spanish speaking for the day! I’ve seen been praying in spanish and I’ve got an El Libro de Mormon, so it’s pretty fun. She is persistent. She is not merely a seed-planter but a harvester!! I hope to learn spanish, if not on my mission, at least some day. Hispanics are so nice! Same with Africans! They let you right in, even if they have no idea what we’re talking about. Kindly people.
-Thanksgiving. i’ll send some pics. Twas a nice day! And I am SO grateful for everything! It’s good to be here. These people.
-What else? I played chess with Mariah the other day. That’s funny to think of now. I lost in like 3 minutes.
-Visiting a less-active named Piperi. She is amazing – gone through such a hard time. Her husband left her like a week ago, looks like a drug-abuse issue. She has 3 kids, 3 different fathers. She is so strong and positive though. She loves her children and has faith. I wish peoples lives would just work out!
-Audrey is doing well. She’ll come to church next week. SHE is one who makes me want to study 24/7. She has such questions.
-Sunday was awesome! Testimony meeting. It does wonders! So does fasting. In gospel principles we talked about families being together forever. Many people in the room has such different famlies. Single, or single with children, or married with no children, or really every situation you could think of. But families are families, and forever is a thing! Heavenly Father is so smart. And this is His work. In relief society, a progressing investigator, Jo (have i told you of her? she’s amazing!) thanked everyone for being so kind and loving to her. She claims it wasn’t a “testimony” but it was the most powerful words that could have possibly been said. I love church. I love the gospel! It’s makes me sad when people don’t even want it – or they just have misconceptions of our beliefs. And then we ate dinner with them and all our favorite people at Bro Blacks house that night!
What have been your fave things of the week?  
I hope you are all diong well! Anything specific you would like to hear of? Found out htat transfers are a week before Christmas. Sad. I know I don’t have a say in this, and that’s a good thing, but I hope Sis B and I stay here together for one more. Anyway. Wherever we’re needed I suppose. Did you get my thaksgiving envelope? have you listened to that cd? Confessions of  a catholic preist? Such a good story!  
The pictures – the first one – our varying emotions about the SNOW that came today! And that’s what our tahnksgving looked like! aweosome famliy and some of the elders.
I love you all! Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Kathryn

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