Current temperature: 1 degree.

Let it be known: upon my return someday I will promptly be relocating to Hawaii for the rest of forever. I’ll study marine biology – or something else involving the coast – at BYU-Hawaii, work at the PCC, and hang out with Grandma & Grandpa on the weekends. I can’t think of anything in the world that would stop me. It’s a plan.
I mean, what, just kidding, I love the snow. It helps you appreciate basic human rights – like warmth. Mom, I wear those intense boots e’rryday. Like, even to church. My coat is great! I’m going to go purchase some under armor or something today. President Clements and all the ward people are taking care of us, worry not. As it gets colder we’ll take breaks so our skin doesn’t freeze. And the snow is so pretty! We’ve been shoveling a bit.
Thanks for the emails and pictures! We’re going to the mission home on wednesday so probably pick up the package then! Thank you! I’m glad you had a good time with Grandma and Grandpa. OH MY!!! Elders SEAN INAGAKI AND CONNER CARLINI!! Heading to JAPAN!!!!!!! YAY!!! How exciting!!! They will love it! THat’s so awesome!!! My brethren in the Lord! Good!
Hey! Here’s some exciting news! We’re MOVING! To a different family in the ward’s house!!! We found out yesterday and we’re moving today! Woot.
THis week was pretty good! Went on 2 exchanges – in Edina and Eagan, fun stuff. In Edina we went to this Somalian Market and it was awesome. I’ve never felt like a minority before until then. I don’t know what it is about Minnesota that draws such culture here. It’s a good job market they say.
Last night we got to watch the Christmas Devotional!!!!! We went and watched it with the YSA group and some of their non-member friends. Best thing ever. Russel M. Nelson. Mormon tabernacle choir. So wonderful. I want this to be the best CHRISTmas ever! (Oh, by the way, Ma, I’ll be calling on Christmas, not the Sunday before – so wednesday, the 25th. Exciting, huh?) President Monson – what he said about giving our hearts. Want to hear the most awesome thing in the world?? Sweet Sister Clements asked me to think about drawing a picture for her training theme. (I might’ve already told your about this?)  I did a while ago – and she’s been using it!!!!!! The theme was “Is my heart prepared for a King?” I’ll send a pic of it. I think it is so nice of her to ask me to do that. I’m so glad I could. She makes us feel special and needed. Sister Clements is an inspired woman – that theme and picture goes perfect with my personal yearly theme. A cool thing about talents and spiritual gifts is that we’re given them to bless other people. We had an awesome district meeting this week – we were invited to make an inspired goal. Something the Lord would have you do or improve on. Exciting, eh? Try it for yourselves. Also, the best gift that we can really give anyone is the gospel. The joy of knowing Christ. We’ve been soooooooo blessed. Now is the time to give back.
Our investigators are doing well. It’s Christmas Miracle season, after all! We need some new investigators though. I’m excited for the upcoming week – more exchanges and weather-battling and so forth. We need to be more persistent with people. Lovingly persistent of course. The Cottage Grove Ward Christmas party was on Saturday! I love how they did it. They had some musical numbers and a message in the chapel and we all sang christmas hymns together. Then everyone moved to the gym to eat food. Good stuff. Even santa showed up at the end!
Hey, Kristina – there’s a girl that Denise Deru told me about once, she lives over by where the Osmond’s used to live I think? And her name might be Amy? Or….Melissa. Anyway – Denise would know who I’m talking about. You should go see what up with her. I never did and now I feel bad! She needs friends. Thank you.
I hope all you are doing well! Enjoying Christmas and so forth. Thanks for the updates and everything – I love hearing about things. Man, I need to work harder this week. Kick it up a notch. And take personal responsibily and ownership over this area and these people. President Clements emailed us mostly about prayer and humility. Doctrine and Covenants 112:10. Good stuff!
Christmas! Christ was born! The Prince of Peace! I hope you all have a peaceful christmas season – not a stressful one. I love you all!
Love, Sister Gessel

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