October 28 – JOYYY to the WOOOOORLD. (this has been stuck in my head. so much.)

How goes it? Mom – neat news about your job! Seagull Book! That’s so cool! And working with Nora Wendel! Cool! HEY – guess what??? Ben – I got your letter! I haven’t laughed that hard for a good while – so thank you! Last p-day we hung out with our district (Sis Breedlove and I and 10 elders) and I introduced them to donuts on a string! For our Halloween party! It was really funny. I don’t think any of us will ever do it again – but it was funny! OH MY GOODNESS – I can’t believe you actually got me a camera!!!!  I’ll have to send pictures now! I was serious about getting a disposable one, haha. Thank you – I hoped you used my personal funds for it. Thanks for the update Father, sounds like some fall fun!
So many things happened this week. We had new missionary training at the Mission home in Bloomington! I got to see all my MTC friends and learn from President and Sister Clements! They are so awesome!
I then went on exchages with Sister Shurtz in Eagan! It was fun to get out of my area for a minute, though I love it here too. Sister Shurtz is very real, straight-up, and bold. She started training halfway through her own training… yeah. We visited some families. One of the most interesting parts of being a missionary is going inside so many homes – seeing how people live and such. Anyway, really neat time! We had a birthday party for an elder in her district at district meeting. One of the zone leaders (they call themselves zone shepherds….) made balloon animals. That was a great day!
We also went to the ward Halloween party! THAT was funny. It was actually a Halloween dance! This ward is very supportive and involved – there were so many people there! But really hard not to dance.
We visit an old lady named Sister Leclaire on a weekly basis. She’s a less- active and we basically just try to cheer her up, follow up with her smoking, and try to get her to church. She is so attached to us missionaries and does not like when we get transferred. I hope Sister Breedlove stays here for a long time for reasons like that.
I love the stuff we get to do for people! My favorite part of this week was helping out a man named John. He is a referral from a member a few months ago and was never interested. Sister Breedlove ran into him while I was in Eagan and told him we’d come help him with a project. On saturday we went and helped him tear down an 80 year old house – long story – it’s on his property and the city is making him tear it down. We pried floorboards up and spoke about the gospel. He was surprised that we actually came to help him. It was honestly so fun! He is for real a neat man! He might not have been ready a few months ago to listen – but he is now! Says he’s lost – he wants to move to the middle of nowhere and escape society. He has lots of amish friends. Anyway – we set up another time with him. My favorite thing ever in the world is when people let us help them. It’s like Ammon – all he wanted to do was serve. Then once the people’s hearts were softened – he taught them. They were ready to hear it. We visited a less active lady named Christina, and we always ask if there’s anything we can do for them. They usually say no and just send us on. But she had us help her lay down some linoleum flooring! Just call us extreme home make over team!
We had FHE at the stake president’s home this week with some investigators!! Best idea ever (it was president’s Lash’s idea – he and his wife and super neat!) It’s great for our investigators to see how a gospel centered family works. Joanna and her boyfriend came! She is great. Hard to get ahold of sometimes – but great. We’re hoping to meet with her lots in teh upcomin week.
Hey – Ma, or someone, could you do me a favor? In my blue and purple striped bag there is likely a business card of Don Sanchez from the Banquet Kitchen. I need to email them!
A big lesson I learned this week was GRATITUDE! It’s good to be grateful for things, but also to express it! It makes you happier! I do not like planning, and calling, and numbers, and stuff like that – but I’m realizing that everything has a purpose and we’re lucky to have such resources and a good accountable system. Sometimes I think it gets a bit complicated, but it is inspired. I’m grateful for Sister Breedlove, for our bikes, our ward, the big sky, all of you, and all these peoples lives that I get to be in for a second. THANk YOu for. Everything. I appreaciate everything sooo much more right now. I’m sending you a neat letter!
Love, Kathryn Elizabeth Gessel

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