November 4 – What a week!

Dearest Family,
How ya doin? How ya doin? As grandpa would say I guess. Thanks for the funny Halloween pictures!! Looks like fun! Ben – you win. (“you – out”) Mr. Rogers. Good one. Sounds as if things are well!! What are y’all up to? Did you get my letter with the cd in it?
This week was funny. Crazy. Lots of learning involved.
I went on exchanges with Sisters from Eau Claire Wisconsin! For 48 hours I worked with Sister F. (I recently learned that I’m not supposed to use peoples full names. So.) Sister F has an interesting mission story – she came out when she was 24, went home for 6 months for knee surgery, came back to the same mission, and this is her last transfer! So has been at this for 2 years! She’s going home with the elders she came out with, funny eh? There are sisters and elders of all ages. We spent the day on foot – since I cannot drive until next transfer, and her drving priviliedges were revoked. It was fun! I was nervous about navigating Cottage Grove without Sister Breedlove, but with prayers and a map it wasn’t bad.
We had zone training and interviews with the president! We were recently challenged to summarize the Plan of Salvation in one page. Mine turned into a picture halfway through, but I think the point is clear. Sister Clements, mission president’s wife, told me about an upcoming theme – and you know I may draw something for it! Isn’t that fun? Oh and also, I might get to teach people how to knit at a relief society activity! How neat is this??? I knew there was a reason I know how to knit. Salvation. We will get everyone to come to that activity!!!
Hey! Guess what! This morning we taught seminary! Early morning seminary at the church building!! The lesson was 2 Nephi 31, the doctrine of Christ. Basically what we talk about all day. It was awesome! I now know how seminary teachers feel – our message is so amazing, so life-changing, so beautiful – and these teens fall asleep and such. We wanted to inspire them! Oh how ironic this is. If only Brother Craven could speak with me now, haha. I’m glad I discovered the impirtance of seminary in the end. We gave them some Book of Mormons to bless people with at school. The Book of Mormon – it is wondrous. We also made cookies for them in the church ovens, haah.
We met some neat people this week! There is such diversity and variety. An update on our investigator who is planning on marriage. Some nice ladies in the ward are giong all out in planning – thye even found someone’s daughter’s dress that fits her!! However, becasue of financial reasons and because Satan is stupid, it is getting pushed back. So her baptism is getting pushed back too. But never fear! Or waver! becasue we are going to take advantage of this time by teaching her fiance as well! Well rounded gospel believing FAMILY! YAY! We also need to spend time with recent converts. they are having hard times – but the ward is nice and supportive. Ward members make ALL the difference. for real. How’s the mission scene in Dawson Hollow? Do we have stake missionaries or something?
This week was all jaunty, with exchanges and such. I’m psyched for the week ahead – some serious uninterrupted work is about to happen! However!! Guess what!! Tomorrow is MISSION CONFERENCE! We’re just busy! Mission conference happens once or twice a year I think, and a man from the Seventy is coming! yay! (LAST TIME ELDER HOLLAND CAME< just sayin.) So that will be great! i’LL think up some questions to get answered.
Thank you for everything. I love all of you! Hope everything is well! Things here are getting colder but its ok, because Cottage Grove is about to EXPLODE with people learning of the gospel! I can see it!!!!!!!!!
Love, SIster Gessel ! (I included a picture of the sky right after seminary this morning!)

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