October 21 – I got a new sweater.

Dear Familia,
What up, What up! How is everyone? Just got some mail from y’all – we check it once a week at the post office. I thank ye kindly! I’m sending you some physical pics I will print from Sista Breedlove’s cam. And some other neat things!
This week. Was crazy. I do not know where to begin.
Here are the highlights: We got to go to the temple on wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! St. Paul Temple – it’s about a half an hour from here. It is very cute and little, right next to the stake center. This weekend was stake conference, so we spent a lot of time over there. Anyway, the temple was great! We get to go once a transfer if we are close by! They just got a new temple president – he spoke at stake conference, as did President and Sister Clements! I LOVE THEM. I’ve got new missionary training coming up! So this week we get to go to the mission home again!
Sister Bredeson made us bread the other day! She makes bread every week for the sacrament – how neat is that???
My other favorite part of this week was ripping out Sister Clark’s garden. Yard work! It was so fun! Sis B.Love, the elders, Sister Clark, and MaryKay worked one morning this week. It was awesome. We found a toad and a mole! We’re trying to find more opportunities for service. Like raking. And soon to be shoveling.
We also might be planning a wedding! (If all goes well.) Joanna has decided(/we convinced her) to get married! Then baptized! She is awesome! She realized that she needs to get married before baptism. We’re just hoping her mother, and fiance for that matter, will be just as supportive. She doesn’t have money and doesn’t want a big ceremony – so we’re trying to do somehting at the church next month. Bishop Swift (he’s awesome!) wants to meet with them and can marry them and such. So that’s exciting! There are a lot of variables in the situation right now, and she’s been standing us up lately, but – things will work out!
We got to teach a lesson with the Hastings elders this week to their investigators the Johnson Family! Brother Black came too! That’s the best lesson I’ve ever been in. The elders are very humble and know how to teach. Inspiring. They’re trying to decide if we should teach them or if they should continue teaching them.
AND THEN — (suspense build – up) on Saturday, MaryKay entered the waters of baptism!!!!!!! She was baptized by her brother, Brother Black!!!! I’m certain it was the sweetest event in history. She was so excited and happy! She let all of her doubts go. The spirit was powerful, comforting, and felt like freedom to her soul. I’m also certain it had nothing to do with sister Breedlove and I! This is the Lord’s work. It was nothing we did to get her to this point. The Lord’s work is marvelous – we just get to be here. It’s because of her faith and willingness. She keeps saying how loved she feels when she goes to church – like she’s coming home. She’s got a ward family now! And they are so accepting and great – she’s made some great friends! Now she doesn’t have to think of past mistakes or struggles – she can move forward confident and clean! The Atonement is beautiful and merciful and real and true. Then Brother Black took us out for chinese food —- best day of my life.
To answer your question Ma, I am doing well. Adjusting and so forth. I can even sleep through the night – miraculous I would say! Some things are really hard. Plans never go as planned and can be frustrating. I know I need to be more diligent and work harder.  I’m still such a daydreamy kid. I get real nervous talking to people. I just need to remember to not rely on myself and my abilities, but TRUST in the Lord! It’s hard to get discouraged when you’re trusting in the Lord! We find good things in everyone and everything. Our job is go out and make new friends (as our stake pres would say). Sister Breedlove got sick this week so we stayed home one night. I’m alright though the weather is getting more fearsome. Fierceome. We’re hoping to visit lots of potential investigators this week and get things straightened out with Joanna. (We resorted to throwing rocks at her window last night because she wouldn’t come to the door…haha) Hey Shell – I totally know the Coutu family! Sister Coutu is super nice – she’s in the relief society presidency! I had no idea Brenden was from here! Funny! I’ll speak with her of it. Silly connections. Hey, Pa, how’s the job hunt?
Ok, well, love you. Thanks for all the support and good news! Sounds like you are all doing well! It’s so fun to hear of. We’re going to go carve some pumpkins or somethin! Woooo. OH MY – maybe I’ll suggest donuts on a string for out halloween festivities!!!!!!!! Gessel Fam tradtions, you know.
Love, Seester Gessel (yep. shell, the accent is back. In full swing. we use it oft between doorsteps)

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