October 14 – Blustery days! In the hundred acre woods. Oh, and BAPTISM.

Dearest Everyone,
First off – HAPPY MCKENNA AND NICK’S WEDDING!! I thought of them this week – what a great thing! Thanks for the pictures! I’m glad the book was laid out – that’s fun. As well as Mck’s roll top desk, (memories) that’s awesome! Way to go with that cake Kristina!! It looks awesome and as I hear “tasted like a cloud.” Good.
I just got a really nice letter from Aunt Linda!! I’ll have to write her back, that was very kind and inspiring of her.
Well. We have certainly had an interesting time this week! It’s very leafy here. Our main priority this p-day is to jump in leaves. Mi companera, that arizona child, has never done so before! Things are better as far as adjusting goes and so forth. Sister Breedlove. She is for real amazing. We are quite good friends and I still want to be her when I grow up. And for Halloween. We’ve decided that’s she’s being Katniss and I’m being her. So. On to Missionary work:
This week was aweosme! Soooo busy! And many a surprising miracle! Some moments are absoutely magical and then some are just miserable. But the magical ones? They seriously make it all worth it.
On tuesday I went on exchanges in North St. Paul in a trio – with a sister speaking spanish, and a sister speaking koran. And me. English speaker. That was interesting! Best part of that was hearing a restoration lesson in spanish! Super neat! It’s cool feeling the spirit even when you don’t understand all the words. I’m so glad I’m in Cottage grove for the time being though!
This week we were out tracting (still my least favorite activity – but worry not, I’ll get over it) and there was a man standing in his driveway. He was wearing all black and had a gun on his hip. Not like a gangster sort of way, more like a policeman sort of way. But we talk to eeeevvverryone. We began speaking and he was being very short in his responses and stand-off ish. So we were just going to give him a mormon.org card and be on our way. When he saw the word “mormon” he got all excited! He thought we were jehovah’s witness missionaries (that happens a lot.) Says he’s been curious becuase he really likes glen back and has been looking for a church. We taught him the restoration and he LIKED IT! He offered to pay for a copy of the Book of Mormon. haha – we gave him one. And we’re going back this week to meet his FAMILY! We like families!! Coolest thing ever. And, faith – is a big deal. When we have FAITH we FIND. It’s a real thing.
On saturday we got to go to Elder Crozier and Elder Hughes investigator’s baptism (they’re in my district/ward.) The couple getting baptized is a sweet old couple with many health challenges. I’m soooo glad they’ve found the gospel! It’s rare for old people to make such a giant change like that. But they are so sweet, humble, and submissive. It was beautiful. And Joanna came! She’s doing great!
Scarlet. She is a very recent convert who had a really rough week. Her car broke down and she lost her job. And just found out that her father passed away. We’re trying to cheer her up.
Dan is another neat guy. His testimony is solid. It’s inspiring. He can’t get baptized for a few months becuase he’s on probation for a felony. His life has taken a giant change the last few years and even though I’ve met him only once or twice, I see how prepared he is for the gospel.
Did I tell you about MaryKay? They’ve been teaching her for a while now.  She’s in her fifties, she’s an artist, she lives with her brother – who is a member. She lets her doubts trample her faith and has lots of questions. We spoke on wednesday and she decided to push back her baptismal date. BUT THEN – on saturday we went to her home for dinner and she says all casually, “I’m getting baptised next week. I’m ready.” Needless to say — we were shocked !!!! And excited! Her brother, Brother Black, is awesome!! He was baptized about 2 years ago and is getting his patricarchal blessing soon! So, yes – keep your fingers crossed – we’re having a baptism on Saturday! I LOVE them.
I finally got to go to church and meet the ward and such! It’s BIG. I wonder if it will be split soon. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly.
Momma – I keep thinking of you. You would be soooo good with these people! You are THEM. You would love and understand them. I’m trying to. I can totally see you helping out and being like the great ladies of this ward. Maybe I’ll just try to be more like you, since you can’t be here, and connect with all these folks.
Something really cool that I read this morning was the at the end of Joseph Smith History – where Oliver Cowedry gives his little account. I don’t think I’ve ever read that before! It’s beautiful! They learned so much about the gospel while translating- faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, enduring – and couldn’t wait for the authority to be baptized!!! And they didn’t have to wait long! What a glorious time. those early saints – what incredible events! Anyway – thought that was neat!
I love you.
Love, Kitten. (lol – shell – this was the first week I wore gloves! not technically mittens, but, you know.)

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