September 20, 2013

Greetings family!!!!

Isn’t this fun?? For one thing – I’M A MISSIONARY. For another thing- I get to email you already! Pretty neat.

So the first thing I did after checking in and getting books and such, (Oh, I saw Elder Henderson in like the first 2 seconds! He seems so happy! It was fun to see someone I know.) they us piled on a BUS to head over to MTC “West Campus.” I’m a Wyview Missionary!! Neat huh? I have many memories of friends like Amber Wise and Andrew Flint leaving here! It’s very familiar!  The campus is smaller and not as confining.  We walk the streets of Provo to get to and from various chapels. Raintree apartments is where our classrooms are, (my classroom is literally a bedroom with desks and a whiteboard.) It’s a makeshift place, but it runs smoothly and is fun!

My companion is Sister Shumway (didn’t Debbie Boothe meet her or something…?) She grew up on a dairy farm in Star Valley, Wyoming. She is very sweet!! I have a lot to learn from her. We get along well and are trying to help each other with what we want to improve on.

In my district there are 4 sister and 4 elders – all Minnesota bound! (There are like 15ish of us total Minnesotians) My teachers are great! One of them is from England, and one of the other sisters is from Austrailia.  (They say “corihor” really funny.) It’s been a lot of fun. Met our branch president last night!

Among my favorite things have been when an elder in my district, Elder Jove, gave a blessing to his companion, Elder Blackham – who was struggling with homesickness and stress.  It was very powerful and peaceful.  I’ve learned about better ways to study scriptures and more about the purpose of missionary work. Quality not quantity.

I’ve only been here for a day or two – but it already feels like a long time! The missionaries around here keep saying “just wait untilsunday, if you can make it past Saturday than you’ll be fine!” I hope that is true! Things are great now; though it is a lot to take in.  The missionaries who have been here for a week already seem so at ease and comfortable and happy. That’s how we’ll be next week!

This morning we were doing a service project, just cleaning classrooms really.  we cleaned a classroom that is learning Ukranian or something…. I’m very glad to speaking English.

Overall, things are well! The food is good – the toast is the best. We get to walk around a lot, and everyone is welcoming and jolly! Today we’re teaching an investigator for the first time – so we’ll see how that goes!

I hope everything is well!! Love you!

Love, Sister Gessel (<<<<<<<< that’s cool! )


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